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What Is a Natural Deterrent for Huntsville Bats?

Homeowners who are experiencing bat infestation may be more usual than most of us think. Alabama Bats are in fact essential in managing the insect population in our yard. However, the bats droppings can lead to numerous health-related issues. If you have problems related with the bats, you are perhaps looking for an effective way to get rid of them.

Removing Huntsville Bats by Using Natural Deterrents
Before you start looking for remedies for your bats infestation problem, you should first determine the location of their habitat. The scent of the droppings and the urine of the bats will assist you in searching for their home. Some of the most common locations of the bats are the attic, porch, unused rooms, and your barn. After successfully finding their location, it is now time to execute your removal method.


Mothballs also referred to as naphthalene balls, is one of the most accessible deterrents for bats. This item will not only remove the bats from your property but will also ensure that they will not return to your property. Moth balls can be easily availed at the pest-control stores. Place them in a sock and tie them in a corner of their roosting ground. The efficacy of mothballs highly depends on the ventilation inside the room. Effectiveness will reduce if you use it in an open environment. It should also be replaced on a regular basis to ensure maximum efficiency.

Be sure that you will have an adequate supply of the hard boards, sealants, and netting materials. You will have to monitor the activity of the bats especially during sunset. You need to determine their point of entry. After they leave their roosting ground, you need to act fast and seal all the entrances. Clean the entire area afterwards. Some of the materials that you can use to seal the access point include foam rubber, oakum, and steel wool. There is also a possibility that your roof has smaller holes that the Huntsville bats can use to invade your property. The bats can fit in a hole that is around ½ inch in diameter. Be sure to repair the damages and use fiberglass and insulation to completely cover the hole.

Anti-Bat Gel
The anti-bat gel is a sticky gel that is available in various stores. Simply apply the gel in the entry points and on the roosting spots. Bats hate the gluey feel of the gel that will force them to leave. Aside from the gel form, it is also available in liquid form that works the same way. Take note that using an anti-bat gel is only a temporary solution and may require multiple applications if you want to notice the difference. You should never attempt to catch a Huntsville bat. They are possible carriers of rabies and other diseases. You should stay away from using poisons and pesticides when getting rid of this creature. They are a vital part of our ecosystem. Seek the help of the professionals to safely remove them.

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