256-333-4495 What Is a Natural Deterrent for Huntsville Groundhogs?

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Groundhogs, commonly known as woodchucks, can cause a significant amount of damage to our property. Since this creature is a proficient digger, they can affect the quality of the soil in our yard. They can also damage the foundation of your structure that will lead to a considerable amount of expenses. You can discourage the creature from invading your property by making our place less attractive for them. We can also fill our surroundings with powerful repellents that will keep them at bay.

Get Rid of the Groundhogs with Natural Deterrents
Before you start looking for the best solution, you need to determine the common habits of the groundhog. The place where you usually spot them and the amount of damages they inflict can help you look for the ideal deterrent.

Choosing Your Repellent

After identifying the habit of the groundhog, the next thing you need to do is to identify the type of repellent that suits you. The frequency and quantity of the repellent applied can determine the degree of effectiveness of the repellent.
• Liquid Repellent- This can help prevent the groundhog from eating the leaves of the plants. Simply spray the liquid repellent directly on your plants. Groundhogs love to eat the woody parts of the trees and plants. You need to apply this solution generously on the branch, stems, flowers, and leaves.
• Granular- This should be sprinkled on the ground and will serve as an effective barrier on areas that are prone to the damage of Groundhogs. You can sprinkle it around your trees, vegetable gardens, pathways, and flower beds. During the early stage of spring, you should also place a decent amount of granules on their burrows.
• Electronic- Electronic deterrents are designed to frighten away the groundhogs. You do not have to reapply the solution. The layout is discreet and versatile that you can use to protect the various elements on your property.

Eliminating the Attractants
Perhaps the simplest way to drive away the groundhog would be to limit the available foods found in your yard. In order to do this, you may want to harvest the crops in the earliest time possible. You should also clear the pile of woods and debris. Trim the plants that the creature may eat. Cover the entrance of the burrows that will prevent the creature of from occupying it. If you want to experience the best result, choose only the deterrent that has been proven effective. The ideal deterrent has the capacity to affect the different senses of groundhog. After you successfully evicted the groundhog from its burrow, check if it is abandoned before covering it up. Stones and gravels should be use to fill up the hole to ensure that the groundhog cannot re-enter the burrow. To prevent future infestation, you should seek the assistance of the wildlife removal agency. They can determine the weak spot of your property and fix the holes and damages that will serve as a long-term solution.

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