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What Is a Natural Deterrent for Huntsville Opossums?

The opossums are not as devastating when you compare it to the other nuisance creatures. Nonetheless, opossum’s infestation can be quite disturbing since they can mature to a shocking size. They are marsupial species who love to eat leftovers and vegetables. Rather than killing this innocent creature, it may be best to use deterrent that will drive them away. Generally, repellents are safe and it should not imposed harm on plants and animals. Nonetheless, the efficacy of the different repellents may highly vary.

Using Natural Deterrents to Discourage Opossum Infestation
There are different types of deterrents that you can use to drive the creature away from your property. Perhaps the most cost-effective method would be the use of the natural deterrents. Chemical repellents can be expensive and they release chemicals that may damage our mucous membrane. An effective deterrent should have the ability to impede the senses of the creature and keep them at bay.

The fencing method can help you prevent future wildlife infestation. Even on the off chance that you successfully remove the opossum in your property, they will immediately come back once they notice a point of access on your yard. Regularly check the condition of your fence and conduct maintenance. Replace all the rotten boards and fix the holes and gaps on your fence. Remember that the opossums are great climbers. Adding an electric fencing on top of your fence will prevent them from climbing over.

Opossums can be driven away from our property using ammonia and naphthalene. However, contingent upon where you live, the use of ammonia and naphthalene may be prohibited by the state. Repellents will generally affect the sense of hearing, scent, or taste of the animal. They can induce fear such as the scent of their predator’s urine. The common composition of the natural repellents will include soap, castor oil, urine, garlic, and egg powder and products that have a trace of capsaicin. There are also electronic repellents that aim to drive away the creature by using water, light, or sound.
• Granular Repellents- this type of repellent may contain ingredients that can discourage the animals from invading our property. This product is easy-to-use and it comes with a spout that allows you to pour only the require quantity of the repellent.
• Liquid Repellent- this may contain the urine of the opossum’s predator such as red fox. This is an all natural ingredient. However, once the creature realized that there are no predators present on your yard, they will still invade our property.
• Sprinklers- these are mostly motion-activated that shoots strong water jet once the wildlife creature approaches. This may frighten them but will not in any way harm them.
• Light Repellents- This device has the capacity to imitate the eyes of the predators. This will protect your garden from night raids.
• Ultrasonic Repellents- This emits an ultrasounds that can repel the creature. It is convenient and easy to use.
Opossums can invade our property not just because of their curiosity. They may also decide to build a nest under our porch or in our attic. If you find their infestation troublesome, do not hesitate to hire the service of the wildlife control agency.

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