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Huntsville Skunk Extermination Tips

Skunks are clever and shy creatures but the scent of their spray is not as adorable as their look. Skunks will normally seek shelter especially when they are in their most vulnerable situation. They can dig relentlessly all over your property when looking for food. If you are experiencing the damages caused by skunks, you certainly want to remove them at once from your property. This article will serve as your guide when exterminating the skunks.

Lethal and Non-Lethal Way to Remove the Skunk
For the farmers, the skunk can somehow be beneficial since they can eat a considerable amount of agricultural pests and insects. Still, skunk infestation is can lead to unfavorable circumstances. The skunks can create burrow under our houses and can affect the stability of our house’s foundation. They also tend to steal the eggs in our chicken co-op and kill our poultry. The strength of their spray can lead to partial blindness and cause an unbearable sting on our skin.

The Lethal Methods
For those who are planning to use the lethal method, you need to proceed with extreme cautiousness since this will provoke the creature to release their spray. The major challenge in using the lethal method is how to carry it out and avoid the skunk’s defense mechanism. • Shooting- Shooting is most of the time illegal especially on an urban environment. This is due to the high risk of shooting other pets or people. For those who are in the rural areas, shooting them on the close ranged is not recommended. They may have parasites that carry zoonotic diseases. Parasites will immediately look for a new host after the skunk dies. • Euthanizing- Some animal rights group and agencies approve this method since is the most humane method of killing them. This is similar to putting the animal on their sleep. The animals will be administered with sodium pentobarbital that will allow them to experience a painless death. • Gassing- While this method is allowed in some states such as California, gassing will put your pets and household members into the same risk.

Non-Lethal Methods

Most animal society and wildlife sanctuary center prefers to use the non-lethal method. By using the non-lethal method, the creature will less likely to use their defense mechanism since they will not feel threatened.
• Live Traps- the live traps is probably the cheapest and most effective way to get rid of them. In order to increase the possibility of luring the skunk inside the trap, coat your bait with a peanut butter before placing it inside the trap. Place them in an obscure location away from the sight of your neighbor’s cat.
• Fencing- As we often mentioned here, prevention will help you avoid the problems associated with wildlife infestation. Fencing would be a good deterrent against them. Skunks are not excellent climbers. However, you need to bury the fence at least 1 foot below ground since they are persistent diggers.

If you want to stay away from the dangers and risks related with this task, an expert wildlife removal agency can be a great solution. They also have preventative measures that will serve as a long-term answer to your issue.

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